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Optimism: To Learn and Practice

By Lissa Coffey
October 19, 2010
File under: Belief, Positive Psychology, Relationships


“I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” Winston Churchill

How we perceive the world affects how we live our lives. Research shows that optimists are happier, live longer, healthier lives and have stronger relationships. Some people seem to be born happy, with a positive outlook on life. But did you know that optimism can be learned? It’s true. We can train our way of thinking to look for the good in any given situation.

Become an optimist:

The first step in becoming an optimist is recognizing that reality and your perception of reality are two different things. Ah, now there’s a challenge! What you see is not necessary what is. All the “stuff” of the world is just temporary. It is just an illusion that is there as a learning experience and for our entertainment. It comes; it goes. And what remains? What is permanent? Energy, Spirit, God… …read more of Optimism: To Learn and Practice here

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Press ‘Pause’ and Live in the Present

By Lissa Coffey
September 28, 2010
File under: Belief, Spirituality


“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.”  Henry David Thoreau

Things would be so much better in our lives is we could only learn to live in the present.  Now is the only time there is.  The past is done; it cannot be changed.

The future can be altered with a thought, but we exist in this moment in time.  Everything, every choice we make, it all happens in a moment. When we’re aware of each moment and living awake and aware in each moment, we will surely get there.

“Time flies” is an idiom often quoted.  And it’s true!  Time is fleeting.  We wear a watch, make appointments and run from one obligation to the next frantically trying to get there on time.  That’s okay because we all have things to do and want to get a lot accomplished. …read more of Press ‘Pause’ and Live in the Present here

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Motivation: Six Key Questions Answered

By Angela Ewari
September 23, 2010
File under: Belief, Positive Psychology


We all have motivation within us and sometimes it is easier to access than others. There are times when energy seems to flow unimpeded, our actions are seamless and we feel like nothing can stop us.

Other times we wonder how we lost sight of the direction where we were headed and ended up in this place instead. While we all stray from our purpose from time to time, we can also get back on track.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when you feel that you have lost your way. …read more of Motivation: Six Key Questions Answered here

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Love Defined and Explained

By Lissa Coffey
September 14, 2010
File under: Belief, Relationships, Spirituality


“Love is the subtlest force in the world.” ~Gandhi

Love, love, love!  Ask anyone what is the most important thing in life and chances are they’ll say, love.  It is important to understand that there is only one love.  People tend to categorize love: romantic love, friendship love, love “like a brother.”

But love is love.  Love is the one tremendous overriding force that stirs the universe.  Love really does make the world go ‘round! Love has the power change lives and love has the power to save lives.

True love is unconditional.  The term “unconditional love” has been bandied about, but that really is redundant.  Love comes without expectations or conditions. Love comes freely, joyously, plainly. Love feels good; it feels right. Love is not tied to any particular person, any child or any situation.  Love simply is. …read more of Love Defined and Explained here

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Home and Family: Sharing the Love

By Lissa Coffey
August 31, 2010
File under: Belief, Relationships, Spirituality


“Let us never forget: love begins at home.”  Mother Teresa

Our homes and our families offer us the greatest opportunities to express love. It is at home where we can really let our guard down and be ourselves. When we feel loved and can express love in our home environment, it is easier to take that love with us out into the rest of the world.

Love begins within ourselves and spreads to the families that we create. Whole communities are formed, cities, states and nations.  One by one, we can bring peace to the world by bringing the same love that we feel for our children to others. …read more of Home and Family: Sharing the Love here

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