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Best Kale Salad Ever – Kale with Creamy Avocado Dressing

By Sherry Brooks
March 21, 2013
File under: Recipes, Salads, Vegan

Kale has become quite the celebrity among the leafy greens these days and if you don’t arrive early to the Farmer’s Market, it is oftentimes sold out.  That’s how popular kale has become.

Kale is featured in restaurants and many smoothie chains offer kale in their green smoothies.

Food manufacturers are cranking out the baked kale chips, always at stratospheric prices.   If you bake kale chips in an oven at home, you are most likely left with a tiny pile of crispy kale chips, unless, of course you have one of those nifty dehydrators.

Bloggers just can’t seem to write enough about this “new” green wonder veggie.  “Massage it raw with lemon and . . . “ or “Hide it in a fruit smoothie.”

Have you brought home a lovely bunch of leafy green kale and wondered what to do with it?  …read more of Best Kale Salad Ever – Kale with Creamy Avocado Dressing here

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Farmers Market Salad in a Jar

By Sherry Brooks
March 1, 2013
File under: Recipes, Salads, Vegan


Salad with dressing should be eaten promptly after preparing it, right?  Well, I have a terrific method for making up the salad and dressing that stays super-crisp for up to five days!

Buying what is in season has never been more rewarding and there’s no recipe required!

Here’s how to do it . . . Place the dressing on the bottom of a glass jar, layering chopped produce and other ingredients, topping with the greens.

You can make a number of these pretty jars of salad when you get home from the Farmer’s Market with your produce. …read more of Farmers Market Salad in a Jar here

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The Lean and Green Frugalista Talks Wine

By Sherry Brooks
January 22, 2013
File under: Agriculture, Environment, Saving Money, Wine

If you find it confusing when wine collectors talk about their trip to the Bordeaux or Burgandy regions in France, never fear, there is hope for you.

On a recent trip to Napa, my fellow travelers helped me to break the code. Countries outside of France cannot call their domestic wines by the French appellations of “Bordeaux” or “Burgandy”.

In the United States we use the terms Cabernet Sauvignon instead of Bordeaux, and Pinot Noir instead of Burgandy.

Because I had cellared two bottles of a 1992 red wine for my son’s twenty-first birthday, I was able to see (and smell) firsthand why one would cellar a Cabernet Sauvignon, but not a Merlot.

Fortunately, my parents had cellared a sublime (a.k.a. expensive) 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon and it was fantastic 21 years later.

Being my frugal self, I had cellared (a.k.a. put on my large wine rack in my pantry) an inexpensive, but good, 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon. Eureka!  It was very, very good 21 years later.

The 1992 Merlot that I had cellared, however was a different story I’ll admit that I did not know in my youth that one does not store away a Merlot for years hence.

We always hear about wine going bad over decades and “turning to vinegar”.  Well, I can attest that it can be a lot worse than that.

The Merlot was revolting.  We could not even manage to try to taste it, because the dirty-diaper-like (sorry) odor was so disgusting.

You may have heard about decanting red wine into a wide-bottomed decanter to aerate it, in order to improve the flavor experience. …read more of The Lean and Green Frugalista Talks Wine here

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Seasonal Starbucks on the Skinny

By Sherry Brooks
October 25, 2012
File under: Drinks, Saving Money, Vegan

When a local newspaper interviewed people about their favorite fall things, a young woman replied that the Starbucks® seasonal beverages made her the happiest.

Tea is possibly the most popular hot beverage in the world and Starbucks, more than a coffeehouse has become a brand recognized the world over.

Every autumn you can depend on cooler weather, warm sweaters and seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Wildly popular, thirsty customers line up for their favorite beverage from the lineup.

Unfortunately these beverages are not only expensive, a regular habit can be pretty fattening, as they are full of sugar and heart-clogging dairy.

Perhaps this seasonal pick-me-up should be a once-a-year treat, if at all, especially for those who want to keep their energy level steady, their skinny jeans fitting and their head colds at bay.

For those of us who want to enjoy a seasonal treat at Starbucks with less money, fewer calories and very little sugar, there is a way and it’s 100 percent vegan. …read more of Seasonal Starbucks on the Skinny here

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Best Vegan Breakfasts, Tasty and Satisfying

By Sherry Brooks
September 21, 2012
File under: Dairy Free, Healthy Eating, Vegan

Finding the right kind of healthy, simple and  delicious breakfast to keep you full and flying high until lunch without piling the on the pounds is a wonderful trick to have up your sleeve.

Some breakfasts, such as cold cereal can digest too quickly and leave you feeling light-headed and flighty by mid-morning. Adding a handful of raw nuts to your morning cereal bowl helps, but you will most likely still burn out before lunch.

Traditional breakfast foods, such as eggs, bacon and hash browns are so heavy that they bog you down, can make you sleepy and certainly don’t promote a healthy lifestyle. …read more of Best Vegan Breakfasts, Tasty and Satisfying here

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