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Delicious Gingerbread ~High Protein, Low Fat and Fabulous

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 29, 2014
File under: Entertaining, Green Holiday, Healthy Eating, Vegan

And I had but one penny in the world, thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread. ~William Shakespeare, “Love’s Labor’s Lost”

While Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, it has a long history of being cultivated in other countries and has been considered a therapeutic root for more than 5000 years in India and China.

In Sanskrit the root was known as srigavera, which translates to ‘root shaped like a horn’ – a fitting name for ginger’s unusual appearance.

Ginger imparts warming and stimulating properties that stimulate circulation and enhance blood flow in the body. Ayurveda, the ancient healing science of India and modern science concur in recommending ginger for a wide range of ailments from joint pain and motion sickness to enhanced digestibility.

The origins of gingerbread date back to the ancient world and an early form of gingerbread can be traced to the Greeks and Egyptians who used it for ceremonial purposes. The ancient Romans used ginger extensively and the Arabs took over the trade when the Roman Empire fell. …read more of Delicious Gingerbread ~High Protein, Low Fat and Fabulous here

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Cody Elkins throws “Cool” Birthday Party at Veggie Grill in Westwood

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 8, 2014
File under: Entertaining, Healthy Eating, Vegan

Cody Elkins is vegan and has been for just about his entire life. According to Cody, being vegan is cool, because you are being kind to the planet, the animals and yourself all at the same time!

Some of his favorite foods are Quesadillas made with Daiya cheese and guacamole and Amy’s Kitchen Vegan Bean and Rice Burritos. His favorite ice cream is So Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mint topped with their soy whipped cream.

Cody celebrated his tenth birthday last month at Veggie Grill, the popular vegan eatery in Westwood, California introducing his favorite plant-based foods to his friends.  Cody said, “I wanted to have my birthday party at Veggie Grill to show my friends that healthy food can taste really good.” …read more of Cody Elkins throws “Cool” Birthday Party at Veggie Grill in Westwood here

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Make Fresh Delicious Soymilk for Pennies in Just 20 Minutes!

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
November 24, 2014
File under: Dairy Free, DIY, Practical Solutions, Recipes, Saving Money, Vegan

Drinking soymilk is the quick and easy way to get the goodness of soy into your body by replacing unhealthy cow’s milk in coffee, cereal, smoothies and protein drinks!

Why Soymilk?

Humans have taken up the dubious habit of drinking the milk of another species. Cow’s milk is an excellent source of nutrition for calves and will multiply its weight 8 times over in 9 months. Unlike humans, once calves or any other mammalian species are weaned they never drink milk again.

Cow’s milk contains on average three times the protein of human milk and creates metabolic disturbances in humans that have detrimental bone health consequences.

Most cow’s milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, up to 200 times the safe levels dioxins and as many as 52 powerful antibiotics, in addition to the blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses. It is a slow poison. …read more of Make Fresh Delicious Soymilk for Pennies in Just 20 Minutes! here

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Vegan Thanksgiving

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
November 18, 2014
File under: Green Holliday, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, Recipes, Vegan

Festive Holiday Roast - Economical, Eco-Responsible, Exceptionally Delicious!

In America, Thanksgiving is the annual harvest festival that brings family and friends together to celebrate abundance and give thanks for life’s blessings.

Eco-conscious consumers can show gratitude to Mother Earth by hosting a meatless meal this Thanksgiving and save money while saving the planet. Factory Farming, Unnatural, Unhealthy and Unsustainable

This Thanksgiving, be kind to your health, the animals and the earth by making this Festive Holiday Roast. It is so delicious, really easy and fun! You will be amazed to see how cool it is to turn five pounds of tofu into a really tasty meal with 12 generous servings. …read more of Vegan Thanksgiving here

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Eat Soynuts To Reverse The Metabolic Syndrome

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
October 13, 2014
File under: Dairy Free, Dessert, Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Vegan

Metabolic (met-ah-BOL-ik) syndrome refers to a group of risk factors that raises the risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by obesity, high triglyceride levels, hypertension, low HDL cholesterol level and high fasting blood sugar.

The risk for cardiovascular heart disease (CVD), diabetes and stroke will increase with the number of metabolic risk factors a person may have. It is generally accepted that a person with metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop CVD and five times as likely to develop diabetes as someone who does not have the metabolic syndrome.

The metabolic syndrome is well-recognized precursor to diabetes and a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[1] was conducted with postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome broken into three groups. …read more of Eat Soynuts To Reverse The Metabolic Syndrome here

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