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Best Vegan Breakfasts, Tasty and Satisfying

By Sherry Brooks
September 21, 2012
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Finding the right kind of healthy, simple and  delicious breakfast to keep you full and flying high until lunch without piling the on the pounds is a wonderful trick to have up your sleeve.

Some breakfasts, such as cold cereal can digest too quickly and leave you feeling light-headed and flighty by mid-morning. Adding a handful of raw nuts to your morning cereal bowl helps, but you will most likely still burn out before lunch.

Traditional breakfast foods, such as eggs, bacon and hash browns are so heavy that they bog you down, can make you sleepy and certainly don’t promote a healthy lifestyle.

Some Like it Hot – But Healthy!

If you like a warm breakfast, there are delicious vegan options that are comforting and affordable and will keep you full and feeling great until lunchtime.

My favorite was discovered while traveling and is an easy and delicious plant-based day-starter at home or on the go.

A charming little restaurant in New York is on Sullivan Street in Soho and it was the ambiance and name, “Local” that pulled me inside, when I was there.

Being vegan, I created a personalized breakfast from the menu and they were happy to oblige.  I asked for a slice of organic 7-grain bread toasted with some avocado on top, sprinkled with Himalayan salt and fresh lemon juice.  Heaven.

The combination of the dense, warm toast with the richly flavorful and equally satisfying avocado was divine.  This tasty breakfast kept me full and fueled all morning without weighing me down.  When traveling, I never come home at a higher weight, thanks to my plant-based lifestyle.

At home, I rotate fresh avocados from a bowl on the kitchen counter to the refrigerator, where they keep for a week after they are slightly soft. That way, ready-to-use avocados are always on hand.

Oatmeal with a mashed, ripe banana stirred into it to caramelize for the last few minutes on the stovetop is my other warm breakfast, tasty and satisfying.  You can get creative and add chopped nuts or a touch of nut butter before serving.

Superfood Salad to Jump Start your Day

Are your mornings rushed?  How about a quick super-food breakfast to eat in or pack to go?  Cut up enough fruit to last several days and add chopped nuts, flaked coconut and chopped dates.

Stir in a splash of fresh lemon or orange to keep the fruit from discoloring.  Store this crunchy fruit salad in a glass cookie jar, or large canning jar in the refrigerator for added appeal. Serving in a wooden bowl for a natural touch.

Warm a whole-grain tortilla and fill with leftover black beans and rice, sliced carrots and salsa. Heating the tortillas and leftovers is quick and easy and a great way to use foods already on hand.

Making a Mexican Burrito Buffet for a Brunch Crowd?

Suggested fillings for tortillas: brown rice or quinoa, garbanzo, black, pinto or refried beans, grilled zucchini, green onions and mushrooms.

Fresh or jarred salsa, avocado slices or guacamole. Place the avocado pit in with the sliced avocado or guacamole to delay discoloring. Grated vegan cheese and vegan sour cream.

Sherry Brooks is a healthy, happy and trim “Frugalista” living the lean and green life near Malibu in sunny southern California. Follow Sherry on Twitter

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