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Look More Beautiful As You Age with Ayurveda Skin Care

By Lissa Coffey
July 11, 2012
File under: Ayurveda, Natural Remedies, Skin Care

Keep your skin looking like a teenager the Ayurveda way.

Pay attention to the four pillars of youthful skin: nourish, rehydrate, detoxify and de-stress. These four pillars increase prabha, the luster and glow of the skin and all four must be addressed from both the inside and the outside.


To nourish your skin from the inside, Ayurveda recommends following guidelines for the season and your skin/body type. In addition, try adjusting your diet to become more skin-friendly. Eat plenty of sweet, juicy fruits, such as a stewed apple or pear for breakfast to enhance rasa dhatu (nutrient fluid) and increase suppleness.

Include multiple grains in your diet (quinoa, couscous, millet, barley, amaranth, rye and wheat) to provide a variety of minerals and the full range of nature’s intelligence.

Eat a variety of cooked vegetables with spices. Green, leafy vegetables provide fiber and nutrients such as iron and calcium, which help to nourish the blood and skin tissue.

Eat light, easily digestible proteins such as soy, almond or flaxmilk and legumes such as, mung dhal.

Take Youthful Skin tablets and Organic Premium Amla Berry tablets to enhance skin health and structure.


For internal hydration, drink more pure water, eat sweet, juicy fruits and include high-quality fats such as olive oil in your diet. A fat-free diet diminishes both luster and aura of the skin. But always cook fats with skin-friendly spices to improve digestion and absorption.

For external Hydration, massage daily with Youthful Skin Massage Oil, which is rich in herbs such as Shankapushpi, Gotu Kola and Ashwagandha.

This oil enhances absorption, has an anti-aging effect and increases glow and luster. This massage oil promotes youthful skin and is absorbed quickly.

For facial skin, Youthful Skin Oil provides deep-layer lipid support and Youthful Skin Cream balances moisture.


Number one detoxification target should be the colon. If you have a problem with Apana Vata and are constipated, for instance, your skin will only become dryer and duller. Take daily walks, eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of water.

If your bowel movements are still irregular, take Herbal Cleanse. To seasonally detoxify the liver, go to an ayurvedic skin expert. Or take Elim-Tox-O along with Genitrac for 45 days whenever the seasons are changing (for example, in the transition weeks between summer and fall and spring and summer).


Stress oftentimes shows up in the face as a drawn, dull look. Stressed people have trouble sleeping and lack of sleep causes stress, so it’s important to take care of both factors at the same time.

  • To dissolve mental and emotional stress on a daily basis, practice Transcendental Meditation.
  • For mental stress take Worry Free tablets and Tea.
  • For emotional stress take Blissful Joy and do deep, easy breathing exercises such as pranayama.
  • Take Deep Rest for the most restful, beauty-enhancing sleep.

Youthful Inside, Youthful Outside Maharishi Amrit Kalash takes care of all four pillars of youthful skin from the inside. It has rich nutrients to nourish, hydrate and detoxify the skin and also builds resilience to stress. It is the most powerful rasayana or therapy for enhancing overall health and beautiful, youthful skin.

Youthful Skin Cream is the age-defying skin cream that enhances all four pillars of youthfulness from the outside. It hydrates, provides lipid support, contains oils that enhance collagen and maintains the balance between collagen and elastin.

VIDEO: Ayurveda and Skin Care
More information on ayurvedic therapies sat

Lissa Coffey is a relationship expert and author of “What’s Your Dharma? Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life’s Purpose.”  Take the dharma quiz

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