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5 Sensory Tips to Chill Out and De-Stress

By Lissa Coffey
December 6, 2011
File under: Ayurveda, Herbs, Natural Remedies, Relaxation Techniques

When you’re stressed, you’re too much in your mind; your muscles tense and you end up stressing yourself even more! To chill out, focus on the five senses and bring yourself back to a state of centeredness and calm.

1. Sight
Close your eyes and block out any excess stimulation. Take slow, deep breaths until you feel your muscles relax. You may want to use a sleep mask to block out the light. When you are in complete darkness, it signals the body to produce melatonin, which helps you to get a good night’s rest.

Try a gazing meditation. Focus on a flower, or a beautiful painting. Really look at it, and think of nothing else. Take in the color, and texture and really appreciate the beauty of it.

Blue is cooling and relaxing. Surround yourself with blue light, sit in a blue room or stare up at the blue sky.

2. Sound
Many times we are inundated with too much sound. It is like clutter to our ears. Take a break from all this. Turn off the radio while you drive. Spend time in silence. Use earplugs if you need to.

Music therapy can be very healing. You can put on some soft music and drift off to sleep. Or you can put on some upbeat music and dance around the kitchen! Either way, give in to the sounds and let your body really feel the music.

Sounds of nature, like water, birds and wind through the trees, are all very soothing. Spend sometime outdoors and open up your ears to the experience.

3. Taste
Peppermint is cooling and will help you chill out quickly! Keep some peppermint candies at hand when you need to sit through a boring meeting. It will keep you alert and prevent you from getting restless.

Coconut milk is helpful when you want to chill out. Try making a smoothie with coconut milk, a banana, fresh fruit and ice.

Herb teas are wonderful when chilled. You want to avoid caffeine when you are looking to de-stress, so herbal tea is a great alternative. Try mint, chamomile, or raspberry.

4. Smell
Bring a travel candle with you whenever you travel. It will help to freshen up the air of a musty hotel room. Choose a scent like lavender, which is known for it’s relaxing properties.

An easy way to quickly add fragrance throughout the home is to boil some water with cinnamon sticks right on the stove. Add any other herbs you like, such as, cloves, allspice and you will have a very welcoming, relaxing scent wafting through the air in no time!

Other ways to use aromatherapy in your home or office include, incense, light rings with essential oils attached to light bulbs and keeping a crock pot filled with water and herbs plugged in.

5. Touch
Water misted on your face and body is a quick and easy way to chill out. Especially when traveling, when you can get dehydrated so easily. It’s a good idea to keep a spray bottle of water handy.

A massage is a wonderful way to relax. You can do a self-massage, called abhyanga, in the morning before your shower and start the day feeling great!

Lissa Coffey is an Ayurvedic expert, life coach and author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?” Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. Discover your dosha

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