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Cookout: Hearty, Healthy and Green

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
August 31, 2011
File under: Barbecue, Recipes, Vegan

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is a holiday set aside to honor working people more than a century ago.

These days Labor Day weekend has come to signify the end of summer; a time when barbecues fire up across the country for the last big cookout of the season.

This Labor Day, choose a meatless menu. It can be one of the most important choices you can make for your body and for the planet.

These dishes are a sampling of delicious meals made with all natural fruits, veggies, grains and legumes.

Green Grilling Tips

Be aware of the risks to your health and the environment and check out these tips before you fire up the grill.

Grilled Veggies 101

Shop your local Farmer’s Market for the freshest ears of corn, eggplant, summer squash, tomatoes and herbs.

Hearty Tempeh Kebabs in Roasted Chile Marinade

Tempeh is a fermented soyfood with a slightly nutty, smoky flavor and a tender, chewy texture that most meat-eaters can appreciate.

Marinated Tofu on the Barbie

Grilling Marinated Tofu is especially delicious and gives it an interesting “meaty” texture. When grilling tempeh or tofu, it’s a good idea to use a grilling rack to prevent the cubes from falling through the grill.

Herbed Potato Chill: Vegan Potato Salad with a Twist

Potato Salad is a barbecue standard, but can be the source of excessive calories, fat and cholesterol. This rich-tasting dish contains only 3 grams of fat and 234 calories per generous serving!

Shelled Edamame in Sesame Marinade

A terrific choice for side dish or starter, this dish comes together quickly and is made in advance.

Hawaiian Baked Beans

One cup of cooked beans can provide 15 grams of cholesterol lowering fiber and more than 250 mcg of folate, a valuable B vitamin. This tasty dish is accented with crushed pineapple and diced Veggie Canadian Bacon.

Sassy Salsas!

What’s a party without chips, salsa and guacamole? Plant based and planet friendly, salsas come together in a snap and are a delightful garnish for many dishes.

Luscious Chocolate Pudding

Dairy-free and sugar-free, this creamy, rich-tasting pudding has one gram of fat, no cholesterol and is made with just four ingredients!

Throw a party for the earth this weekend. Choose plant-based and planet-friendly, it most definitely does a body good!

Marie Oser is a best-selling author, writer/producer and host of VegTV, Follow Marie on Twitter:





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