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Adult ADHD

By Lissa Coffey
August 4, 2011
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is usually thought of as a childhood condition, but there are many adults who must learn to cope with it, too.

Diagnosis of ADHD has evolved over time and when most of us were children, the ADHD diagnosis was unheard of. These days, researchers are discovering that ADHD can often be a lifelong disorder.

ADHD “Disorder?”

I shudder to even call ADHD a “disorder” because it really is a “difference” more than anything. I speak from personal experience. We are busy, we are distracted, we are disorganized – but we are also a lot of fun!

ADHD is genetic, so a lot of us found out that we had it after our children were diagnosed. It may have been a problem for us in school, but now that we have selected careers in which our differences are an asset, we doing quite nicely, thank you!

Just how are we to handle the day-to-day challenges or attendant distractibility and disorganization? Make lists – Lots of lists! I’ve got sticky notes all over everything. I have to write stuff down or I forget.

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. I’ve have found, through my own research that ADHD is often a Vata imbalance, so following a Vata routine really helps to keep me in balance.

Marrying someone without ADHD, someone like a ‘Pitta’, who is organized and plans ahead, can also be very helpful!

Keep things like your keys in the same place all the time so that you don’t have to waste time hunting them down.

In my coffeyshop you will find my first book, “The Healthy Family Handbook.” In this book there is the chapter “Concentration,” which speaks to ADHD.

I wrote The Healthy Family Handbook when my son was diagnosed with ADHD and researched all the natural remedies available.

Support groups can be really helpful. I joined an organization called ChADD, which introduced me to other people who were going through the same thing that I was going through.

I would recommend any book by Dr. Ned Hallowell – an awesome writer who has ADHD, too!

The Wild Divine is basically a biofeedback computer game that is an amazing tool for teaching us how to relax and respond to our body’s cues. Good stuff whether you have ADHD or not.

Lissa Coffey is an Ayurvedic expert, life coach and author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?” Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. Follow Lissa on twitter.

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