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Introvert or Extrovert: How to Recharge Your Battery

By Sherry Brooks
April 14, 2011
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We are so diligent about plugging in each of our portable electronic devices whenever their batteries need recharging, but what about your own battery?You know the feeling . . . you can’t go on another minute without snapping, you feel drained, frustrated. You just feel like you need to . . . what?

Well, that depends. It depends on knowing something very important about yourself. If you don’t have this insight, you are in for some confusing, overwhelming and possibly alienating or expensive moments with others that you simply cannot enjoy.

But how does one attain this illusive insight? You can start by simply asking yourself this question: Am I an introvert or an extrovert? Surprisingly, the answer is not related to whether you enjoy people or not.

Are you are an introvert or an extrovert?

1. Are there times when you feel drained, but don’t know why?
2. Are you concerned that your friends seem to socialize more naturally than you?
3. Alternately, perhaps it is a friend’s easy way with solitary creativity is compelling you to try to be more like them?
4. Are you often swept into group situations or tediously quiet evenings you’d like to avoid and don’t know why?
5. Do you recharge by being with people or by being alone?

Once you determine whether you recharge your energy, your very own battery per se, through contact with people (extrovert) or alternatively through solitude (introvert) you can use this information to structure a more rewarding and energetic schedule and a more balanced and happy life.

For example, if you find that you are an introvert and there are many social and group functions looming on your calendar, attempt to sequester enough quiet blocks of time between engagements for reading or puttering around the house. You will feel recharged and ready for socializing with all the people you care about.

However, if you are an extrovert and you often feel frustrated by quiet Friday nights without plans, jump in and create repeating Friday open house “soup and salad night” at your house. In this way you will be recharged by interaction with friends and family for whatever else the weekend might bring your way.

Kate Middleton (Waity Katy) will soon leave her quiet-by-design life in a cottage with Prince William to become a member of the royal family as his bride (Mate-y Katy). Observation tells us that, while they clearly adore their friends and family, they both seem to need much recharging away from the public eye.

As they will soon be joined in marriage and in duty to country, it is terrific that they share the same need for recharging away from the maddening crowds. One can only hope that they know this about themselves and continue to create that quiet time. God save the Queen!

As for yourself, by living consciously and knowing what makes you tick, you can be your very best self; passionate and full of energy and you can also guide the young people in your life to know young their own important self-truth.

Sherry Brooks is a healthy, happy and trim “Frugalista” living the lean and green life near Malibu in sunny southern California. Follow Sherry on Twitter

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