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Ayurveda and Relationships

By Lissa Coffey
May 5, 2010
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What’s the most important thing in life? If asked, most would say love!  We want to be in love and we want that love to last.

So, how do we go about finding that one person to share our lives with?  And how do we live happily ever after with that person once we find them?

There are many ways of looking at compatibility, from Mars vs. Venus to astrology. Long before formulas such as these were a twinkle in the cosmos, philosophers and scientists in Ancient India devised a system of healthcare called Ayurveda, the “science of life.”  Within this holistic system is everything we need to know about love.

Ayurveda explains the nature of everything in the universe and is a compelling way of looking at all of life, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Ayurveda differentiates people, according to physical features and personality traits that define how we tick and how we relate to the rest of the world, including the other people in it!

In Ayurveda, there are no bad matches!   And once we understand the basics we see that we can get along with anyone. With this system of Ancient Indian Love Matches you will find ways to make relationships work, whether squabbling with your mate, having a hard time with your boss or your boyfriend just can’t commit.

Ayurveda sees people as three different mind/body types called doshas. That means there are nine basic “Love Matches” (3 x 3). Of course, in reality there can be an infinite number of combinations, because no two people are exactly alike.

Don’t know your dosha? You can take a free quiz here. Once you know your dosha and that of the other person, just click on the link that corresponds to each. You will find clues about how you interact with each other, communication styles (physical and emotional) as well as instinctual preferences with regard to food, travel, lifestyle, work and more.

This is a system that shows us how we can please each other and ourselves at the same time.  Ayurveda shows how to live in harmony with those around us by recognizing a person’s natural qualities and bringing more love into the world.

If you are looking to understand or strengthen a relationship with someone other than your mate – say, a colleague, friend or child – Ayurveda can help with that, too.  And because we all have a unique relationship with our environment, there are the Ayurvedic principles of Vastu, an ancient system of architectural design.

Vastu teaches us that through our use of space and color, we can create an environment where we can feel inspired and blissful.Love is an amazing phenomenon and the reason we are here. Why are we attracted to the people that we are attracted to? Why is it that we feel as if we “can’t help” who we fall in love with?  What is the chemistry that draws us to certain people?

We may never figure ourselves out.  Or maybe we already have.  Maybe the ancient texts are right and all the answers we will ever need are available to us now… we just need to keep learning and growing until we finally “get it.”

One thing is certain. Finding love and connection is one of the most important – and pleasurable – things we come here to do!  My hope is that Ayurveda, with its ancient Indian secrets for keeping the fires of love burning bright, will not only help you in your process of self-discovery, but also enable you to find and nourish the love matches of your dreams.

Lissa Coffey is the author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?  Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love.”

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