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Preserving Your Bounty

By Loretta White
October 5, 2009
File under: Food Preservation, Natural Alternatives


I know it seems daunting, but the end results are so worth every effort you put in. Contrary to popular belief, preserving food and herbs doesn’t require great skill and expensive tools. We just have forgotten the methodologies and some of us are afraid that we might make a mistake, and that could be fatal.

What have you forgotten? What time honored traditions do you want to keep ion your life?

The truth is that if you follow the basic rules, you can enjoy harvested items all year round, even make original and delicious gifts.

Whether you grow your own or buy locally when in season, you are getting a greater quality, higher in nutrition item then if picked before ripe and then packed and traveled to your grocery store from far away.

Keep in mind also that outside the US guidelines for growing, fertilizing and using pesticides are extremely different. There is not even control as to the cleanliness of the water used to irrigate.

Aside for the insidious chemicals and pollutants, every second a item is off the vine, so to speak, it loses more and more nutrients. Again, local is better and what could be more local than you backyard!

So, save money, increase health, flavor and nutrition by age old traditions. Here are ways to do just that.


1. Canning; here there are 3 subsets; water-bath, pressure and commercial
2. Freezing
3. Drying; air, heat or use of a dehydrator
4. Root cellaring
5. pickling

Each item you want to save has a true and fast method that is best to use for that item. Please see my recipes under each method.

I vote for the easiest, least work, lowest cost method that produces the best quality. What do you think?

Please write and share your stories and recipes, I can’t wait to spread the enthusiasm!

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