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Are Soyfoods Safe?

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
February 18, 2017
File under: Health Concerns, Healthy Eating, Legumes, Vegan

Soy Bashing has become a cottage industry among a vocal contingent of anti-soy activists who have been spreading rumors about soy for more than a dozen years.

Soybeans are rich in phytoestrogens.

These phytoestrogens, AKA isoflavones have been a theoretical concern at the root of many shocking claims that have been quite distressing to health conscious consumers.

It has been implied that consuming soy adversely affects fertility and encourages feminization in men and boys and sexual abnormalities. …read more of Are Soyfoods Safe? here

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The Mediterranean Diet … What’s the Secret?

By Michael Greger M.D.
January 30, 2017
File under: Fruit, Greens, Healthy Eating, Legumes, Nuts, Vegan

The Mediterranean Diet is an “in” topic nowadays in both the medical literature and the lay media. What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it good? Merits are rarely detailed; possible downsides are never mentioned.” So, let’s dig in….

After World War II, the government of Greece asked the Rockefeller foundation to come in and assess the situation. Impressed by the low rates of heart disease in the region, nutrition scientist Ancel Keys – after which “K” rations were named – initiated his famous seven countries study.

In this study, he found the rate of fatal heart disease on the Greek isle of Crete was 20 times lower than in the United States. They also had the lowest cancer rates and fewest deaths overall. What were they eating? …read more of The Mediterranean Diet … What’s the Secret? here

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Soy, The Kitchen Chameleon, Recipe ~ Chicken-Free Choplets in Rich Brown Sauce

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
January 9, 2017
File under: Healthy Eating, Recipes, Vegan

From China to Japan, Indonesia to Okinawa, soy has been a staple in Asian culture for millennia. The Chinese import 60 percent of all the soybeans produced in the world and the Japanese have soy basically at every meal starting the day with a bowl of miso soup like Americans do with their coffee.

Soybeans have been shown to contain an impressive array of nutrients and sub-nutrients that would dwarf most other foods, plant-based or otherwise. Soy is rich in fiber and a nutrient-dense source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

For decades, scientists have produced numerous studies demonstrating that soybeans are the source of complete protein, complex carbohydrates, soluble and insoluble fiber and unique phytochemicals credited with the prevention of many chronic diseases. …read more of Soy, The Kitchen Chameleon, Recipe ~ Chicken-Free Choplets in Rich Brown Sauce here

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VegTV’s Picks for the Best Plant-Based Products for 2017

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
January 3, 2017
File under: Healthy Eating, Natural Products, Practical Solutions, Skin Care, Vegan

VegTV covers natural products trade shows several times a year.  These shows are essential for spotting trends in food, beverage, supplement and personal care products of interest to the health and eco-conscious consumer.

We scour the exhibitors and their product lines, looking the latest and greatest vegan products about to enter the market.

More than 400 new brands launched at the show in Baltimore, exhibiting their products for retailers, distributors and potential investors. …read more of VegTV’s Picks for the Best Plant-Based Products for 2017 here

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Serve Vegan Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day for Good Luck and Good Karma

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
December 26, 2016
File under: Green Holiday, Healthy Eating, Legumes, Recipes, Vegan

Hoppin’ John, AKA Carolina Peas and Rice is dish commonly served on New Year’s Day in the Southern United States. Made with black-eyed peas, this hearty dish is thought to bring a prosperous year filled with good luck.

According to the legend, if you serve black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day you’ll have plenty of pocket change in the New Year and if you serve “Hoppin’ John” with cooked greens you’ll also have plenty of folding money. Try this tasty dish, Southern Greens and Vegan Sausage.

Back-eyed peas are a dietary staple in the American South and southern families will often toast with Champagne and a bowl of Hoppin’ John at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. These cream-colored legumes have a slightly smoky flavor, smooth texture and a distinctive black dot. …read more of Serve Vegan Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day for Good Luck and Good Karma here

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