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The Relationship Between Green Building and Green Cars

By Ted Nelson
August 20, 2009
File under: Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation, Sustainable Practices

Image: Beige Alert Flickr CC

There is an inescapable link between building and personal transportation: what we build where determines where we drive when. All the greenhouse gases (GHGs) and smog emitted by cars come about because someone is trying to get somewhere, usually a building. When green building is mentioned the design, materials, and functionality of a building typically come to mind.

However, there is a larger town planning aspect which also must be considered. Sustainable town planning includes placing buildings in such a way that self-powered and public transportation are encouraged.

If you have to get on the highway to get to anything zoned for nonresidential use, it’s very hard to live a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable town planning doesn’t just help the environment, it leads to more livable communities and a higher quality of life. …read more of The Relationship Between Green Building and Green Cars here

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Hot Green Car Issue: Gas Tax

By Ted Nelson
July 23, 2009
File under: Auto Industry, Public Transportation, Sustainable Practices


The green car buzz at the moment is all about increasing the gas tax: should we or shouldn’t we…

The gas tax stands at 18.4 cents per gallon, a level that hasn’t increased since 1993. Gasoline is currently taxed less than diesel, which is a more efficient fuel. It is taxed more than ethanol, which is not taxed but rather subsidized. Of course, oil companies are also subsidized in indirect ways.

The gas tax would likely be increased gradually over a given period of months or years, to give consumers time to adjust. One interesting suggestion is to factor in the world oil price in the tax: when the price of oil falls the tax goes up, and when the oil price rises the tax goes down.


Increasing the gas tax would provide a disincentive toward burning gasoline, which emits greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other harmful pollutants. You can look at this as an alternative to incentives for buying fuel efficient vehicles, or simply as a measure to pay for roads and other infrastructure. …read more of Hot Green Car Issue: Gas Tax here

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Hybrid Taxis: We’re Almost There

By Cherl Petso
April 27, 2009
File under: Alternative Transportation, Hybrid, Public Transportation


For New York City dwellers, fleets of yellow cabs are as part of the scenery as the skyscrapers. For many people living there, taking a cab is a common form of transportation.

If you’ve hailed a cab there recently, you may have noticed an increasing number of hybrid taxis honking their horns as of late.

The city of New York has a goal in which the entire taxi cab fleet will become hybrids by 2012. So far, they’ve doubled the number of hybrid taxis and expect to meet their goal.  So, with 15% of their fleet made up of taxis, they’re doing pretty well, but San Francisco is right there with them. San Francisco boasts 14% of their taxi fleet as being hybrid, while only 1% of Chicago’s fleet is going hybrid. One of Denver’s taxi companies is made up of 10% hybrids as well. …read more of Hybrid Taxis: We’re Almost There here

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Give Your Car a Break

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
March 12, 2009
File under: Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation, Sustainable Practices


With the price of gas down, it’s easy to forget any fuel-saving measures we used when our wallets were taking a hit at the pumps.

But the environmental problems caused by automobile emissions aren’t going away. One gallon of gasoline still produces 20 pounds of carbon dioxide when burned, according to the US Department of Energy.

There are a host of simple measures you can pick and choose from that can make a real difference towards limiting your car’s damaging eco-effects.

If you don’t own a car and rely on mass transit, …read more of Give Your Car a Break here

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Greening Our Roads

By Dayanti Karunaratne
February 25, 2009
File under: Public Transportation, Sustainable Practices


While asphalt and fencing may not be the feel-good green building materials like bamboo and sod, when it comes to making our highways more sustainable we have to look a little deeper.

Deep as in below ground level, to understand the way the watershed is affected by the construction of major roads. Or deep like the woods, and the flora and fauna whose habitats are threatened by change.

These are just two examples of how careful planning can reduce the damage — or even improve the state of affairs — associated with transportation infrastructure. …read more of Greening Our Roads here

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