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Green Luxury

By Ted Nelson
August 8, 2010
File under: Alternative Fuels, Auto Industry, Electric, Hybrid


While, personally, it gets my heart racing a little to see hot new fuel efficient models on the street, fuel efficiency is not generally associated with sexiness. Green cars can, however, be engineering marvels both visually and in terms of performance.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching sports car or a safe, reliable way to transport your family, some high-end models are more fuel efficient than others. This efficiency will save you money on gas, and is an easy way to lower your ecological footprint.

Below is a list of  some green luxury options, organized by fuel source. Of course, some of the fuel sources themselves are greener than others. Some key stats accompany each model, or click on the model name itself for a link to the product page on the manufacturer’s website. …read more of Green Luxury here

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New Ford Illustrates Changing Consumer Interests

By Justin O'Neill
July 11, 2010
File under: Alternative Transportation, Auto Industry, Hybrid, Innovation


The odd van/car combination pictured above is the 2010 Transit Connect, a new offering from Ford with a name as strange as its appearance.  The Transit Connect, along with Ford’s 2010 Fusion hybrid sedan, earned top honors for North American truck and car of the year, respectively, at this week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

This impressive double-win for Ford reinforces Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s mission to shift the auto giant’s focus from trucks and SUVs to smaller cars and more fuel-efficient crossover vehicles.  Under Mulally’s leadership, Ford has picked up on the fact that today’s conscious consumers and businesses are interested in less expensive, less environmentally taxing vehicles.  …read more of New Ford Illustrates Changing Consumer Interests here

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Greenopia Overhauls Car Guide for 2010

By Colton Dirksen
December 3, 2009
File under: Hybrid, Innovation


With all the different green car types, models, and options it can be difficult to determine what’s he best car for you.  But for those of you in the market, there is good news.  Our partner Greenopia, a trusted source for green business and product listings, is helping to make this process easier with an overhaul of their car guide for the 2010 model year.  Visit Greenopia’s 2010 car guide or learn more about their criteria below.

Greenopia Car Guide Criteria Sheet:

Not only is there all new data, but we also included more criteria this time around are rated every car (rather than just listing the green ones) to make sure our guide is as complete as possible. …read more of Greenopia Overhauls Car Guide for 2010 here

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Fisker Starts Putting Government Loan to Use

By Ted Nelson
October 29, 2009
File under: Alternative Fuels, Alternative Transportation, Auto Industry, Electric, Hybrid

2009 Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive will begin deploying its government loan designated to spur U.S. production of fuel-efficient vehicles by buying and restoring an out-of-use GM plant in Delaware. Fisker paid only $18 million for the idle plant, but plans to spend an additional $175 million on refurbishing it. This Wilmington plant will be the manufacturing site for the company’s second model, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sedan.

The factory–originally built by GM in 1947–will reach full production capacity of 75,000-100,000 vehicles a year by 2014. By that point Fisker estimates that reopening the plant will create 2,000 factory jobs. The automaker expects production from this plant will create an additional 3,000 vendor and supplier jobs. …read more of Fisker Starts Putting Government Loan to Use here

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Hybrid Taxis: We’re Almost There

By Cherl Petso
April 27, 2009
File under: Alternative Transportation, Hybrid, Public Transportation


For New York City dwellers, fleets of yellow cabs are as part of the scenery as the skyscrapers. For many people living there, taking a cab is a common form of transportation.

If you’ve hailed a cab there recently, you may have noticed an increasing number of hybrid taxis honking their horns as of late.

The city of New York has a goal in which the entire taxi cab fleet will become hybrids by 2012. So far, they’ve doubled the number of hybrid taxis and expect to meet their goal.  So, with 15% of their fleet made up of taxis, they’re doing pretty well, but San Francisco is right there with them. San Francisco boasts 14% of their taxi fleet as being hybrid, while only 1% of Chicago’s fleet is going hybrid. One of Denver’s taxi companies is made up of 10% hybrids as well. …read more of Hybrid Taxis: We’re Almost There here

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