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Green Luxury

By Ted Nelson
August 8, 2010
File under: Alternative Fuels, Auto Industry, Electric, Hybrid


While, personally, it gets my heart racing a little to see hot new fuel efficient models on the street, fuel efficiency is not generally associated with sexiness. Green cars can, however, be engineering marvels both visually and in terms of performance.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching sports car or a safe, reliable way to transport your family, some high-end models are more fuel efficient than others. This efficiency will save you money on gas, and is an easy way to lower your ecological footprint.

Below is a list of  some green luxury options, organized by fuel source. Of course, some of the fuel sources themselves are greener than others. Some key stats accompany each model, or click on the model name itself for a link to the product page on the manufacturer’s website. …read more of Green Luxury here

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Fisker Starts Putting Government Loan to Use

By Ted Nelson
October 29, 2009
File under: Alternative Fuels, Alternative Transportation, Auto Industry, Electric, Hybrid

2009 Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive will begin deploying its government loan designated to spur U.S. production of fuel-efficient vehicles by buying and restoring an out-of-use GM plant in Delaware. Fisker paid only $18 million for the idle plant, but plans to spend an additional $175 million on refurbishing it. This Wilmington plant will be the manufacturing site for the company’s second model, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sedan.

The factory–originally built by GM in 1947–will reach full production capacity of 75,000-100,000 vehicles a year by 2014. By that point Fisker estimates that reopening the plant will create 2,000 factory jobs. The automaker expects production from this plant will create an additional 3,000 vendor and supplier jobs. …read more of Fisker Starts Putting Government Loan to Use here

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Oil Majors Warming to Biofuels

By Ted Nelson
October 26, 2009
File under: Alternative Fuels, Innovation, Sustainable Practices


The status quo isn’t a problem for big oil companies, who seem to be constantly breaking their own record profits. However, these corporations know that they must also look to the future and sustain their competitive edge.

The competitive landscape of the future is not clear for the oil industry, with financial, political, and environmental considerations coming into play.

The technologies and processes behind various renewable energy sources are improving, and may eventually lead to a renewable product that is cost competitive with oil. …read more of Oil Majors Warming to Biofuels here

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Energy Department Money Going To Big And Small Carmakers

By Ted Nelson
October 8, 2009
File under: Alternative Fuels, Alternative Transportation, Auto Industry, Economy, Electric, Innovation


The energy department has begun to dole out $25 billion in loans designated for the development of fuel-efficient vehicles. The program is designed to grease the wheels for technological innovation that will drive the auto industry of tomorrow to occur here in the United States.

After decades of job cuts in the US auto industry, the federal government is hoping that innovation can revitalize the sector and create employment.

The first $8 billion was handed out back in July, with Fisker being announced as a loan recipient just this week. GM and Chrysler have been excluded from this program to date, since they do not meet the economic viability standard for loan recipients. …read more of Energy Department Money Going To Big And Small Carmakers here

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Good Karma

By Ted Nelson
October 5, 2009
File under: Alternative Fuels, Auto Industry, Electric, Innovation


The man behind some of the most iconic sports cars of recent vintage has gone green. Henrik Fisker built his reputation designing the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9 & V8 Vantage. The Z8 and the V8 Vantage both have the well earned distinction of being Bond cars: appearing as the ultra-classy 007′s tricked out rides in the James Bond films.

Fisker has since decided to venture out on his own and bring exquisite luxury design to environmentally friendly vehicles. Fisker Automotive is a joint venture that combines Henrik’s world-class vehicle design talent with Quantum Technologies‘ plug-in hybrid electric propulsion systems. The result is amazing karma…

The Karma is Fisker Automotive’s first model, set to be released  in the summer of 2010. It’s a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a wide, low stance and a 50 mile all-electric range before the traditional gas engine kicks in. This green car packs a punch, though, doing 0-to-60 in under 6 seconds and reaching 125 miles per hour. …read more of Good Karma here

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