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2010 Paris Motor Show Overview: Lotus Concepts

By Kirk Linden
October 15, 2010
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Lotus is a company steeped in racing history for its unwavering philosophy of reducing weight to increase both efficiency and performance.

And this racing heritage shows in their five sports car concepts unveiled in Paris: the Elise, the Elan, the Espirit, the Elite and the Eterne.

esprit.jpgWhile all five may differ in their size, engine layout or number of doors, they all share one enticing thing in common: the option of a Formula One-style KERS system.

KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is a technology that was developed by and for Formula One teams during the 2009 season to deliver a boost of power on demand to the driver.

elan.jpgSimilar to hybrids and electric-only vehicles, it stores energy using regenerative braking, but in the case of KERS, it is available at the press of a button when the driver sees fit.  Ferrari is another manufacturer that has incorporated this technology into a concept with their 599 HY-KERS this past spring in the Geneva Motor Show.

While automakers continue to focus on efficiency and safety, it’s a positive sign that some level of engagement and excitement remains in the works for those of us who still enjoy driving.

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