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2010 Paris Motor Show Overview: Audi e-tron Spyder

By Kirk Linden
October 14, 2010
File under: Auto Industry, Fuel Efficiency, Innovation


Audi continues to tease us by showcasing yet another member of their e-tron family, the e-tron Spyder.

Over the past couple of years Audi’s e-tron brand has come to represent their foray into the all-electric car market, but this time they have added a plug-in diesel hybrid.

audi.jpgThis decision may well represent Audi’s belief that, while an all electric supercar like the original e-tron may be an ideal halo car for their electron-propelled brand, the majority of consumers in the near future will likely need, or simply want, a fossil fuel-powered back-up for their driving needs.

The final installment of the 2010 Paris Motor Show Overview on Friday will feature the Concept Cars of Lotus.

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