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A Gift For SWAG

By Angelique LeDoux
November 30, 2009
File under: Sustainable Products, Waste


While flying home from GreenBuild 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona,  I found myself thinking—like most parents who attend conventions—about the promotional, freebie, giveaway, “swag” I picked up while walking the exhibit hall at GreenBuild– items I could pawn off on my kid as a gift.

Hhmmm… I didn’t score nearly as well as my LEED AP sister who attended the show with me. She has a special gift for SWAG and I found myself bartering with her—mainly because she was limited to what she could get in her carry-on luggage which meant she had to ditch the corkscrew and the liquid detergent samples.

But all in all, it made me think about the promotional swag—the freebies, chatzky crap we all collect at conventions—and above all,  supposedly “green” ones. …read more of A Gift For SWAG here

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“Does Asia really challenge the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy?!”

By Loretta White
July 2, 2009
File under: Business News, Business Profiles, Carbon Emissions, clean energy, Clean Tech, Consumer Awareness, Economy, Green Jobs, Green Practices, Health, Invest Green, Non-Sustainable Products, Waste


Our editor sent me a link to a Time Magazine article titled “Asia Challenges the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy”
I was enraged at the shallowness of this thought process. Having worked within global manufacturing for over fifteen years. I have seen the “new pink,” the buzz words that become the focus of corporations.

Spoken by the CEO’s to boards, stockholders and management; like “outsource,” ‘DIVERSITY,” “Supply Chain,” all of which have been great ideas that turned scapegoats; used for the purpose of getting a tax advantage, saving money, all about the stock price today. Nothing considered as to the long term ramifications. And this article is that one-dimensional.

With this knowledge, knowing others have similar insights I am throwing this out there to start a discussion. …read more of “Does Asia really challenge the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy?!” here

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You Are What You Eat…Literally

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
January 15, 2009
File under: Non-Sustainable Products, Waste


Polystyrene is all around us, in coffee cups and egg cartons, meat and produce trays, soup and salad bowls, in CD jewel boxes, and the packing “peanuts” and molded foam that protect new appliances and electronics. It is the lightweight packaging and insulating material that helps prevent damage to products in transit. Polystyrene is also used in building materials, electrical appliances, in light switches and plates, and many other household items.

Dow Chemical Company introduced and trademarked Styrofoam, a form of polystyrene foam insulation, in the U.S. in 1954. The scientific name for Styrofoam is polystyrene foam. According to the industry, that coffee you drank from a foam cup this morning was not Styrofoam; it was polystyrene foam.

Like all traditional plastics, polystyrene is made from petroleum, which is a non-sustainable source of major environmental pollution. Additionally, Ethylene and Benzene are chemical precursors in the manufacture of polystyrene and large amounts of hazardous waste are generated in the manufacturing process. Solid at room temperature, polystyrene is a thermoplastic substance; a plastic that melts when heated and becomes solid again when cooled. …read more of You Are What You Eat…Literally here

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