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Green Business Networking

By Ted Nelson
August 25, 2010
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You are not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to find them, but there are others living in your area who share your interested in environmentally sustainable business.

Whether you’re feeling out a green career change, starting a new green business venture, are a green business veteran, or just a conscientious consumer there are many opportunities to help you spread the word and build your network of contacts.

These networking events can feel unnatural and forced if you go into them with the wrong attitude, but in reality they are a great opportunity to meet business contacts with common interests and values. …read more of Green Business Networking here

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“Does Asia really challenge the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy?!”

By Loretta White
July 2, 2009
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Our editor sent me a link to a Time Magazine article titled “Asia Challenges the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy”
I was enraged at the shallowness of this thought process. Having worked within global manufacturing for over fifteen years. I have seen the “new pink,” the buzz words that become the focus of corporations.

Spoken by the CEO’s to boards, stockholders and management; like “outsource,” ‘DIVERSITY,” “Supply Chain,” all of which have been great ideas that turned scapegoats; used for the purpose of getting a tax advantage, saving money, all about the stock price today. Nothing considered as to the long term ramifications. And this article is that one-dimensional.

With this knowledge, knowing others have similar insights I am throwing this out there to start a discussion. …read more of “Does Asia really challenge the U.S. for Green Tech Supremacy?!” here

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Green (Re)education

By Tracy Crawford
May 7, 2009
File under: Business News, Green Jobs


Pursuing a new career after being laid off is challenging and scary. Now, with an uncertain future and plenty of time on their hands, laid off workers are faced with no other option than to explore new avenues.

Many laid off workers finding themselves in this predicament are faced with making serious changes to their professional portfolio, which oftentimes require retraining or updating existing skill sets.

In today’s current tide of social and lifestyle changes, a lot of these workers are choosing the green route and are going back to school for green certification and training. …read more of Green (Re)education here

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