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The US Open’s Reduced Footprint

By Colton Dirksen
September 9, 2010
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Photo Credit: Dysanovic, Flickr

In the USTA’s quest to green the US Open, great efforts were made in not only popularizing green choices (see yesterday’s blog), but in reducing the event’s footprint as well.

The green team, comprised of members from the USTA,  EcoEvolutions and the NRDC, worked together to identify goals for recycling, energy management, transportation, procurement, and awareness.

With event sustainability being an ever-moving target and plans not always going as expected (which is no surprise with 750,000 fans and 7,000 personnel), the team has remained open to modifying their strategy as they go along. …read more of The US Open’s Reduced Footprint here

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By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
March 23, 2009
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India is a land of contrasts. Exotic, exhilarating and enigmatic.

I was traveling with VegVoyages Vegetarian Adventures through Rajasthan on the way to the ancient Jain temple at Ranakpur, one of the five holiest sites of this Hindu sect, when we stopped for a few days at an incredible retreat.

Aranyawas (Ar-an’ ya-vas) is a lush eco-retreat in the Aravali Mountains, nestled in a wild mountain valley surrounded by rugged terrain, enormous rock outcrops and waterfalls.

Aranyawas means “Forest house” and this secluded sanctuary seems to have grown naturally into the surrounding countryside near Udaipur (Oo’-die-poor) in the north of India. …read more of Eco-Tourism here

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