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The US Open’s Reduced Footprint

By Colton Dirksen
September 9, 2010
File under: Business News, Business Profiles, Carbon Emissions, Consumer Awareness, Design & Innovation, Eco-Tourism, Green Practices

Photo Credit: Dysanovic, Flickr

In the USTA’s quest to green the US Open, great efforts were made in not only popularizing green choices (see yesterday’s blog), but in reducing the event’s footprint as well.

The green team, comprised of members from the USTA,  EcoEvolutions and the NRDC, worked together to identify goals for recycling, energy management, transportation, procurement, and awareness.

With event sustainability being an ever-moving target and plans not always going as expected (which is no surprise with 750,000 fans and 7,000 personnel), the team has remained open to modifying their strategy as they go along. …read more of The US Open’s Reduced Footprint here

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Is there a plant in that bottle?

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
January 18, 2010
File under: Design & Innovation, Sustainable Products


I think it’s safe to say that many people who care about the earth, like me, have a beef with plastic soda and water bottles. They’re made from petroleum derivatives and though they can be recycled, millions are tossed in the garbage daily, headed for landfills.

The behemoth Coca-Cola Company has taken steps to make their plastic bottles less environmentally offensive with the introduction of the PlantBottle.

Comprised of the usual PET plastic, the PlantBottle also contains plant materials, specifically sugar cane and molasses. …read more of Is there a plant in that bottle? here

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Positively Salty

By Colton Dirksen
June 18, 2009
File under: Business Profiles, Design & Innovation, Sustainable Products


At the recent Sustainable Brands ’09 conference, the audience was charmed by two professors of psychology: Dr. Dacher Keltner and John Marshall Roberts.

While it’s not uncommon for great brand strategies to be based on cutting-edge psychology, it was surprising to hear the relevance of their message to marketers today.

Keltner’s recent book, ‘Born to Be Good’, illustrates how the human path to happiness can be found through inter-connectedness. While some assume we are hard-wired to lead “nasty, brutish, and short” lives, he posits that we are in fact unselfish and crave positive connections.

Roberts builds on Keltner’s thesis, adding that the current climate is in need of inspiration, and there is a gaping opportunity for persuasive visionaries. …read more of Positively Salty here

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Recycled Fashion Finds

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
April 22, 2009
File under: Design & Innovation, Sustainable Products


Trash is a relative term. In 1995 Liz Gardener accepted the Academy Award for best costume design in a dress made entirely from 254 recycled American Express gold cards. The dress was auctioned off for charity four years later for more than $12,000.

Haute Couture has also been attracting a lot of fans in the glitterati, raising the profile of ‘Recycled Designer Duds” exponentially.

Design houses are using vintage cashmere, linen and lace and eco-fabrics such as Fortrel EcoSpun polyester fibers spun from recycled plastic bottles. The high-end fashion runway has created a ‘buzz’ with innovative concepts and fashions that are, for the most part unrealistic and out of reach for most of us.

Not to worry, these days, eco-fashionistas with an eye on the budget can find unique and affordable reincarnated clothing and accessories. You just have to know where to look. …read more of Recycled Fashion Finds here

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Race to Produce Green Mobile Phones

By Marie Oser, Managing Editor
March 2, 2009
File under: Design & Innovation, Green Practices


Samsung unveiled Blue Earth, an eco-consciously created handset with a rear-mounted solar panel last month in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2009.

According to the company, by charging with the solar panel Blue Earth users can generate enough power to call anytime anywhere. Rounder and a bit thicker than the average mobile phone, the touch screen handset is made from recycled materials and designed to look like a flat shiny pebble.

The Blue Earth case is made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and castor beans; the packaging is 100 percent recyclable and uses soy-based inks. Samsung has a take-back program for recycling old phones and is not new to eco-phone technology. …read more of Race to Produce Green Mobile Phones here

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