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Green Business Networking

By Ted Nelson
August 25, 2010
File under: Economy, Green Jobs


You are not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to find them, but there are others living in your area who share your interested in environmentally sustainable business.

Whether you’re feeling out a green career change, starting a new green business venture, are a green business veteran, or just a conscientious consumer there are many opportunities to help you spread the word and build your network of contacts.

These networking events can feel unnatural and forced if you go into them with the wrong attitude, but in reality they are a great opportunity to meet business contacts with common interests and values.

The first place to start looking for green networking opportunities is This social networking site allows you to find people in your area with common interests and organize in-person, public (be a little careful where you go for a meeting for safety’s sake) get togethers.

In San Diego, for example, the Green Economy Meetup is beginning to hold meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month. If you cannot find a green business related Meetup group in your area, then perhaps you should start one. Set up the group, get family and friends to join, hold a “Meetup” or two and the word is sure to spread.

Some regions have organizations set up specifically for green business networking. A quick internet search should reveal whether such a group exists in your area.

These meetings tend to attract professionals from various sectors of the green economy, and are a great way to meet friends and business contacts, as well as prospective customers and employees.

There’s no one right way to approach these events, it depends completely on your goals, personal style, and what you’re comfortable with. You can enter them with a specific goal of generating business or finding a job, or just take the opportunity to have a few conversations with like-minded individuals and see how things go.

Another option is a general business networking organization. Specialized websites are available in some regions with a calendar of networking events, and organizations exist that focus on organizing networking events.

A high-tech, energy, or industry specific networking event can often have a green component. If it doesn’t then there’s an opportunity for you to provide it.

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