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Easy Green Lawn

By Loretta White
June 23, 2010
File under: Gardening, Landscaping


Want a beautiful lawn and garden while using sustainable practices, saving money, saving hundreds of hours of work that will make you the envy of the neighborhood?  Well, do some of my lazy/green techniques that you’ll be singing about in your spare time.

To have the best lawn, we have been sold a bill of goods. Either by chemical companies, father-in-laws or others who just have not tried to do it the easy way. Many people believe that to have a great lawn, you have to do a lot of work. This is a myth, so save yourself some labor:

  1. Don’t seed it
  2. Don’t water it (unless you live in a desert climate)
  3. Don’t fertilize it with chemicals

You don’t need to do any of those things. It will be beautiful if you simply take these steps.
…read more of Easy Green Lawn here

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Keeping the Firefly Flicker

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
July 13, 2009
File under: Landscaping, Living Space


In many parts of the country, admiring fireflies flitting around with their flashing glow is a rite of summer for people of all ages, especially kids.

But there’s concern among some scientists and firefly lovers worldwide that firefly populations may be dwindling. I sure hope that’s not the case. Reasons given are loss of habitat and too much man-made light for them to interpret their flashes.

Their light shows aren’t pure whimsy for them — they need to be able to see the flashes of other lightning bugs because it’s an organized mating ritual crucial to their survival. Males fly around flashing light patterns unique to their species. …read more of Keeping the Firefly Flicker here

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Lazy Gardener Flowers and Herbs

By Loretta White
June 25, 2009
File under: Gardening, Landscaping, Natural Alternatives


Annuals are for the birds… As I mentioned in my article on Easy Green Lawns, I love having one of the nicest landscapes in the area, but I also enjoy having the freedom to take shortcuts, which in turn, allows me to spend more time on enjoyable tasks.

In this post I would like to give you some tips on how to do a chore once, and not yearly.

Lets start with flowers. We want to have manicured, flower ridden beds as soon as it first hint of warm weather arrives. But why do more work than you need to? Work smarter, not harder. …read more of Lazy Gardener Flowers and Herbs here

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Cattails provide food, down, oil, reeds and so much more!

By Loretta White
May 11, 2009
File under: Gardening, Landscaping, Natural Alternatives


Cattails are so prolific and the uses for this plant are curiously endless.

Native Americans have used them for food, clothing, shelter, medicines, arrows and for weaving baskets. The seed-down, which is very soft and doesn’t compress or mat, is used for padding and insulation.

They also made jelly and marmalade from the roots. The pollen, rich in vitamins and minerals, can also be used for baking and making bread. America had at least 140 thousand square miles of cattail swamps around the Second World War where we used millions of pounds to make insulation for wallboard and clothing. …read more of Cattails provide food, down, oil, reeds and so much more! here

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Greening Your Lawn Mower

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
March 23, 2009
File under: Energy Efficiency, Landscaping


I can see the lawn mowing season on the horizon and I’m ready. I’ve got a reel mower and couldn’t be happier. No messing around with gasoline, no engine tune-ups, and best yet, no pollution.

If you’re jumping into the lawn care circuit for the first time or are contemplating a new lawn mower purchase, consider the merits of going electric or people powered. …read more of Greening Your Lawn Mower here

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