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New Solar Uses

By Loretta White
February 2, 2009
File under: Cooling Systems, Green Building Design, Green Building Techniques, Remodeling Green

Attic Fan.jpg

Would you be interested in a cleaner environment? Healthier air to breathe? What about extending the life of your home? Lower your AC costs? If I told you that you can install a Solar Fan in the attic like a SunRise850 and get all of those benefits while saving energy, what would you say? It’s really a no brainier. You wouldn’t be here if this wasn’t a primary concern to you.

These fans can be used anywhere you need ventilation; attic, cabin, work area, restroom etc. They are great for maintaining a home “off the grid” as there is no wiring, and can be easily installed in less than an hour. They run on thermostats and automatically power on and off as needed. A correctly installed solar attic fan will run from sun-up to sundown in all seasons, and at no cost, preserving the integrity of one of your greatest investments, your home.

When used for attic ventilation you will reduce air conditioning costs, prolong the life of your roof and insulation, HVAC equipment, reduce the moisture that creates a breeding ground for bacteria and molds as it expels hot air. …read more of New Solar Uses here

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Green Rooftops

By Lauren Mangion
January 29, 2009
File under: Cooling Systems, Green Building Design, Green Building Techniques, Heating Systems, Landscaping, Natural Alternatives, Remodeling Green


Have you ever considered landscaping your roof? With the threats and realities of climate change abound, green roofs may provide a valuable small step toward carbon absorption.

If you have a flat or low-sloping, load-bearing roof with access to sunlight, wind shelter and proper drainage, you may be a good candidate for a green roof.

The benefits of green roofs are many.

Environmentally, a green roof will purify the air, absorbing airborne toxins and pollutants and producing life-giving oxygen. …read more of Green Rooftops here

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Living Green in Luxury

By Loretta White
January 19, 2009
File under: Cooling Systems, Energy Efficiency, Green Building Design, Green Building Techniques, Heating Systems, Remodeling Green


I am dedicated to being green, but that doesn’t mean you can not bathe your self in luxury. Being green used to mean sacrifice, not anymore.
There are simple things you can do to improve your standard of living, add an element of design, pamper yourself, be more comfortable, save you money and BE GREEN!

Here are a few ways to do that:

On demand water/tank-less hot water
Towel rack/heaters
Radiant floor heat
Luxury vehicles running on bio-fuels

We have cut down on a lot of items to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and leave a better earth for our children. You deserve to pamper yourself somewhere. Yes, we gain financial advantages and overall green-speak, but, I am talking about having the comfort of an SUV while on the hybrid trail.

Come back tomorrow for more information on towel rack heaters…

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On Demand Hot Water

By Loretta White
January 8, 2009
File under: Cooling Systems, Green Building Design, Heating Systems


One luxury I enjoy is long hot showers, and with a dedication to being green, this can be a mental struggle.  Resolute to having it all, you can pamper yourself and be green at the same time, if you just do the research.  Go ahead, bathe yourself in luxury, green luxury with a tankless or on demand water heating system. These can operate on multiple fuel sources, but, preferably we would hook it up to an alternative fuel source. They can even feed radiant floor and other hydraulic heating systems

With an on demand water heater or tankless hot water, you never run out of hot water and you only heat what you need, when you need it.  It saves on energy many ways; no storage tank where the water sucks energy, standing by for the time when you actually need the hot water, they are so small and compact you can place one under a sink and you are not losing valuable heat as it travels to its destination, these components are relatively the same cost, before adding bells and whistles, as a conventional system, last two to three times as long, most last for up to 20 plus years and are cleaner and therefore keeping your family healthier. There are additional savings by not having a pilot.  You can easily save half the cost of your current water expenditures and the efficiency goes from 60% efficiency to an eye opening 83%-94% energy-efficiency level making the tankless water heaters are much more eco-friendly and they can be retrofitted into pretty much any system, and a $300.00 Federal tax credit could be yours.

Be healthier with a tankless, where water is heated as it passes through pulling a fresh supply of water all the time.  …read more of On Demand Hot Water here

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Water Walls: A passive solar heating solution.

By Loretta White
January 3, 2009
File under: Cooling Systems, Green Building Design, Heating Systems, Natural Alternatives, Remodeling Green


Second in my series of alternative heating, cooling and power is Water-Walls. What are water walls? Well, basically, they are exactly what they sound like, water containers installed along, on or incorporated in new or existing buildings. Used for years in equestrian and gardening applications, this tried and true method utilizes the sun to collect heat during the day and cools at night. They can be invisible or used as a feature, stand alone or attached to a structure. Whether you are building a new house or working with an existing building this is a great DIY solution. Kits are available to purchase or design and build your own.

Passive Solar Heat from Water Walls offer the most cost effective means of providing heat to buildings and a 10-20% advantage over other passive solar designs like concrete, phase-change salts or masonry (Trombe). Additionally, the energy savings for heating and cooling can be expected in the 70 to 90 percent range. …read more of Water Walls: A passive solar heating solution. here

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