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Toni Salter
Toni Salter

Toni Salter,‘The Veggie Lady’, lives in Sydney, Australia where she cultivates wellness through therapeutic gardening for backyard gardeners, health care workers and community support programs.

Toni has a passion to see organic principles adopted by everyone, encouraging people everywhere to grow organic produce whether it’s in their backyard, hospital rehabilitation center, day programs for people with disabilities or even mental health and aged care facilities.

As a registered horticulturist, Toni has been teaching community education classes both privately and at various community colleges and local councils around Sydney since 2003. She has also been a featured guest on ABC Radio Talk Shows helping gardeners solve their gardening problems organically.

Toni also spends her time running horticultural therapy programs, developing sensory gardens through a number of organizations including AFFORD (Australian Foundation For Disability).

Toni offers training on therapeutic gardening for staff, caregivers and volunteers working in mental health, disability, rehabilitation or community gardens.

The Veggie Lady offers on-line information, resources and iPhone apps to reach as many people as possible to help them to grow their own veggies. These resources are available at and

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