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Sherry Brooks
Sherry Brooks
Sherry Brooks is a self-styled “frugalista,” descended from some of the first English settlers in North America, a long line of elegant-yet-frugal folks. True to her history, Sherry is intrigued by thrift, resourcefulness and, oh yes… glamour!

Educated at Michigan State University's Eli Broad School of Business, Sherry is amused that she now often finds herself tagging along with her artistic teenager in many of the Eli Broad art museums on the east and west coast.

After years at IBM, where she was on the front lines of many historic computer innovations and marketing, Brooks is trying to unlearn all of that ancient history so that she can fully enjoy her Apple computer.

Sherry has spent her lifetime seeking balance, maximizing time, love, happiness, spirituality, study, health, thrift and earnings, while minimizing consuming, wasting, gas-guzzling and stress. She lives a clean, lean and green lifestyle near Malibu, California.
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