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Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is an author, lecturer and holistic nutritional consultant. He was educated in the workings of the mind as it relates to the creation of one\'s own personal physical reality. With the understandings of the Universal Principles in hand, Michael was able to change the course of his life, which led to many different benefits and experiences, including the founding of his company, Michael\'s® Naturopathic Programs.

Michael entered the health food industry in 1975 and, in the ensuing year discovered his gift for herbal and nutritional healing. This led him to establish a naturopathic practice and, after many years of assisting clients regain their health on multiple levels, such as physical, material, social, spiritual and emotional his supplement company was formed in 1984.

Author of several books, including “The Naturopathic Healing Handbook” (Inner Health Books), Michael has also written articles for numerous wellness magazines and journals, and is involved in educating the public on holistic wellness through radio and television appearances.

Michael is host of The Healthy Self, broadcast on A highly respected lecturer, Michael has appeared at medical and pharmacist conferences, universities and health and wellness events nationwide.

Michael’s holistic nutritional consultations continue to benefit people from all walks of life, including world-class athletes and elite performers.

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