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Lavanya Sunkara
Lavanya Sunkara

Lavanya Sunkara is an Indian American environmentalist and freelance writer in New York. Inspired by The Jeff Corwin Experience, she set out to visit places featured on the show. Since college, she’s traveled through East Africa, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Caribbean and Western US and had her own animal encounters.

Her most memorable experience to date is standing a few feet from playful zebras on a misty night while camping by the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. When she is not reading or outdoors with her dog, she is organizing volunteer events, exploring the Big Apple’s concrete jungle with her friends, and planning her next adventure. One day, she hopes to experience the joy of bathing a baby elephant.

Her writing has appeared in Time Out, MSN Glo, Yahoo! Shine, NY Resident, Novel Adventurers and Elephant Journal among others. For more information, please visit

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