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Kristina Diener
Kristina Diener

Dr. Kristina Diener, PsyD, FAAETS, SAP

Dr. Kristina Diener is a clinical psychologist who specializes in violence, trauma, substance abuse and eating disorders in adults and adolescents.

Dr. Diener has earned accolades from Break The Cycle, The American Red Cross, Children of the Night and Doctors Without Borders for her work with assault victims, especially among the teen and adolescent population.

She has been published in publications such as, Teen Line at Cedar Sinai Hospital and Divorce Source and has She has addressed the Los Angeles Unified School District as guest lecturer and appeared as Lead Psychological Consultant to Kids Talk: Voices of Tomorrow, an award winning television forum.

Dr. Diener is member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is board certified in rape trauma and domestic violence. She is on the Board of Advisors for O2Max Fitness; Kids Talk: Voices of Tomorrow and the PathConnect Mentorship Alliance.

She is certified in EMDR and Thought Field Therapy and practices Cognitive Behavioral/Humanistic therapy. Kristina practices in Greater Los Angeles.

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