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Jenny Ross
Jenny Ross

Jenny Ross is gourmet living foods chef and restaurateur, serving as executive chef at her flagship restaurant 118 Degrees: Organic. Eats. Drinks. Lounge, in Costa Mesa, CA Jenny specializes in creating dishes that are 100% organic, living, artful in presentation, and delicious!

Jenny is well known for her balanced dishes that create vibrant health for everyone, from celebrity clientele to diverse customers across the country. As a former model, Jenny works to educate and empower people toward pursuing their life passion, living a vibrant lifestyle and achieving beauty from the inside out in all of her classes and public speaking appearances.

Dubbed “The sexiest chef in the OC” by Riviera Magazine, Cox Communications, and many others, Jenny has captivated her community with a new definition of what healthy living is, “My goal is to show people how much fun and how easy a healthy lifestyle can be, it’s your birthright to live an amazing life free from disease.”

Jenny has been preparing living foods for 7 years professionally, with the development of her first business in Los Angeles 5 years ago, “Taste of the Goddess Café and Product Line.” From there Jenny moved back to Orange County to work with the community where she grew up. In 2007, 118 Degrees opened to rave reviews. “118 was built as a sustainable restaurant embodying healthy lifestyle including all elements from delicious eye catching cuisine, to peaceful ambiance created from eco-friendly materials and soulful passionate staff.” (Excerpt from Daily Pilot 2008)

Jenny has worked with several Hollywood celebrities, well-known authors, public speakers and professionals. Jenny teaches classes on living cuisine preparation monthly, and speaks nationwide on the benefits of this healthy lifestyle. She serves as CEO of her company Creative Blend Inc., which serves to empower and educate through products and services, geared towards this healthy lifestyle. “As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, motivating individuals from customers to staff, toward their highest good and vibrant lifestyle is the ultimate contribution that I can make in making the world a better place. “ (Jenny Ross Interview with Planet Green 2008)

Jenny has appeared on Planet Green, Travel Channel, ABC 7, KTLA 9, and Fox 5 advocating the living foods lifestyle and interviewed in publications from Riviera Magazine, OC Register, Yogi Times, Coast Magazine, and more highlighting her talents as a world-class living foods chef.

Jenny Ross is author of The Art of Raw Living Food and executive chef at 118 Degrees, in Costa Mesa, CA. Follow Jenny on Twitter  and Facebook

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