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Gabrielle Ottavio
Gabrielle Ottavio

Gabrielle Ottavio lives in Coconut Grove, Florida. She retired from her executive corporate position to focus on the things she is passionate about: healthy eating, fitness, and family, including her two dogs, Aldo and Lucia. She is a licensed fitness instructor and personal trainer, personal “fitness” chef and CEO of Lucia’s Homemade Organic Dog and Puppy Treats.

Gabrielle studied mathematics specializing in computer technology. However, her passion has always been fitness and healthy cooking. After leaving the corporate world, she studied at the Culinary Institute of America and became a personal fitness chef.

Gabrielle uses only local, organic and sustainable products for her culinary clients, preparing healthy and delicious meals based on personal tastes and special dietary considerations.

When Aldo and Lucia became part of her family, Gabrielle decided to prepare the same kind of healthy and delicious foods for her pets as she does for her culinary clients and founded Lucia’s Homemade Organic Dog and Puppy Treats.

Gabrielle believes our dogs deserve 100 percent human grade food that is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious. Gabrielle creates a variety of healthy treats and goodies for her four legged clients based on their specific taste buds and dietary needs using local, organic and sustainable products.

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