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Angela Ewari
Angela Ewari

Angela, owner of Running Yogini, is a certified running coach and yoga trainer in Denver, Colorado who began running in elementary school. After years of battling the cycle of injury and recovery, Angela decided to leave competitive racing while still in college.

After a 15-year hiatus, as a result of her research into health, wellness, fitness and athletic training, Angela was able to start running again. With a shift in attitude and a new perspective, Angela has been able to exceed her goals in running. She recently accomplished her latest dream by finishing the French Riviera Marathon, running along the Mediterranean Sea from Nice to Cannes, France.

Running Yogini fuses the spirit of running and yoga for long-term success in the pursuit of achievement in running and in life. This spirit feeds the body and the mind, while making each individual stronger. Angela’s unique approach integrates body awareness exercises and techniques into training programs, creating a model for life-long wellness and achievement. Follow Angela on Twitter: yogini

Angela is an appointee and serves on the board of the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness  (@ColoradoFitness), acting as liaison to the Governor and fulfilling the mission to empower lifestyle change in citizens of all ages and abilities through physical activities. Angela serves as a Venue Director on the Special Olympics Colorado Games Organizing Committee for Athletics, Skating and Golf; and is a member of the Advisory Group to the Youth Programs Committee and Director of the Colorado Junior Golf Association.

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