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Advertising Policy

ecomii™ may decline any advertising, product sponsorship or editorial sponsorship for any reason at its discretion.  ecomii may decline to accept advertising that is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent or unfair to individuals or competitors.  ecomii will notify advertisers if submitted content is deemed unacceptable and seek changes that will make the advertisement or sponsorship acceptable.  If that process is unsuccessful, the advertisement will be refused.

In addition, an advertisement must sometimes be declined because of laws regarding libel, copyright and trademark, the right to privacy, the offering or trading of securities, the sale of real estate and political advertising.

Submitted advertising content should not give the impression that it is editorial content prepared by or for ecomii without sponsorship.  Any such advertising content either will be changed to eliminate any possible confusion about the origins of the content or declined. 

Advertising may also be refused that is:

  • False or misleading environmental claims

  • Offensive to good taste, indecent or vulgar

  • Not in compliance with federal and state anti-discrimination statutes and rules

  • Misleading as to the identity of the advertiser

  • Political advertising that does not identify the sponsor

If you have any questions, please contact

(Last updated September 9, 2008)